Air BnB Co-Hosting Service

For the past year we have been operating a successful and invaluable co-hosting service for Air BnB owners.  We realise that most landlords are superb at what they do, however we also understand that time-management can be a hindrance in establishing a smooth-running straightforward business. Many property owners work full-time hours and therefore are not able to provide the acquired time for operating and maintaining their apartments.

Here at Maid in The City, we can assist with many property management requirements including housekeeping and laundry facilitation to overall property management.  There are many responsibilities associated with hosting entailing assuring the space is guest-ready, dealing with guest enquiries, managing reservations, replenishing supplies, etc.  Sometimes there are just not enough hours in the day for property owners to accommodate efficiently.  That is why we aim for our co-hosting service to be the best cost-effective decision you will ever make!

Services include:

  • Provide a housekeeping/laundry service
  • Replenish supplies as and when required
  • Manage reservation requests
  • Greet guests on arrival
  • Answer any questions regarding property and neighbourhood
  • Deal with maintenance issues efficiently and effectively